Teaching your children another language is valuable life skill. If your children are new to German, growing up bi-lingual or German native speakers living in Australia, formal German lessons will help further developing language and communication skills.

Deutschstunde has operated since 2009 and offers German lessons for children, aged Kindergarten to Year 11. Deutschstunde was started as a parent education initiative and is named after the novel by Siegfried Lenz ”Die Deutschstunde“.

Deutschstunde has amazing professional teaching staff and support team providing a high quality and effective learning experience for our children. We are a non-for-profit organisation. Together we make Deutschstunde run smoothly and enjoy a fantastic meal every week.

Deutschstunde classes provide a creative, fun, engaging, highly interactive environment. Children, teenagers and adults learn reading, writing, speaking and comprehending German. The educational programs are designed especially for children and tailored to their respective skill levels and age group. We use support materials in class and also for home exercised and German readers. Games, puzzles, projects and hands-on activities are use to make the learning experience fun.