5 reasons to teach your kids a second language

Yes, it can be a struggle. Yes, it is great for kids. But just in case you need any more reasons or just a little ‘Hang in there!’ Marianne Stenger from

Bilingual Babies Have More Flexible Brains

‘The IFL Science Blog has published this great article on research on bilingual babies. Aside from being interesting, it also may be a little motivation for you to keep talking

Why does my child always respond in English?

At Deutschstunde we see all these lovely kids with all different levels of German language skills. Some just look at me puzzled when I say something in German, some answer

What does it take to raise bilingual children?

How are plans to raise children with a second language tested by day-to-day stresses, teenage resistance, lack of motivation or bereavement? Our very own Susanne Thiebe and her boys were

How the language you speak changes your view of the world

Great insights by ‘The Conversation’ journalists: Bilinguals get all the perks. Better job prospects, a cognitive boost and even protection against dementia. Now new research shows that they can also view the world

Common myths about bilingual children

SBS published an interesting article on some common myths about bilingual children. Who hasn’t heard that raising your child bilingually can cause a delay in development or Bilingual children lag behind

Fascinating!!! Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Tell Languages Apart

I often get asked: ‘Oh so you only speak German with your kids, do you? Don’t they get confused?’ This NY Times article talks about interesting new research in infant language recognition. Check