Please help Deutschstunde run safely and smoothly.

A large number of people attend lessons and the community mealtime each week. We ask for your help in ensuring that the rules below are observed so that Deutschstunde works well for everyone. Deutschstunde is part of the St. Christopherus Community. Terms & Conditions apply to all families participating and enrolled in this program. For a full version of the T&C please check our website or ask us for a hard copy.

Parents are responsible for supervising their own children.

We are a community that believes in ensuring the safety of staff, parents, helpers, guests and children. We respect others and their property.

We also ask that adults remind other people’s children of the rules below if necessary – especially if danger is present.

  • Children must not play in the car park in front of the church, behind the church, not in the toilets or in the entry area.
  • Outside the hall, children are only allowed in the passage between the hall and the church.
  • Inside the hall, children are not allowed on the stage, in the kitchen, on the stairs or on the upstairs gallery.
  • No running games are allowed inside the hall.
  • School-age children must not ride on the small play vehicles. These toys are for preschool children during the Spielgruppe meeting time only.
  • Parents have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their children when going to and from Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) school grounds, including the crossing of College Street, and on the grounds of the PLC where children cannot be left unsupervised. Afterall, we are guests at the PLC.
  • All food and drinks must be paid for.
  • For safety reasons, access to the kitchen is generally limited to people assisting with meals and clean-up.
  • Parking spaces in front of the church are limited to teachers and organisers, the Pfarrer and for possible emergency vehicle access.


Thank you for your help.

Oh wait – there is more!


Deutschstunde is a non-profit organisation run by volunteer parents. We are able to offer high quality German language classes at a very high standard and great value because of our work together as a community, volunteer efforts and being able to rent low-cost facilities and access insurance through from St. Christophorus’ community. Everyone’s contribution and assistance is required.
A reminder of the rules:

Be on time

Ensure to be on time for the class. Lateness disrupts the class and learning experience. Classes start at: 15.50pm, 16.40pm, 17.30pm and 18.20pm

Be safe

This means to walk calmly, do not cross the street without adult supervision, remain in assigned areas. Do not play on the carpark or behind the church. Do not climb fences. Do no run onto the streets. No one has access to the mezzanine or the stage at any time without permission from an adult.

Be peaceful

Listen to others and solve problems with words. Respect the space and other students studying

Be respectful

Respect and follow instructions from adults.
Respect property including toy equipment, the facilities, no door slamming, no excessive use of soap in the bathrooms, no kicking, hitting, yelling and/or abusive language. Put your rubbish in the bins.
Pay your fees on time! We run on a shoestring and rely on good payment ethics in order to continue giving everyone access to our great classes.

Always supervise your children.

Talk to your children about these rules.