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Offering children of all ages and skills a high quality, fun, interactive and efficient way of learning German and making new friends along the way.


Adult Classes

Learn reading, writing, speaking and comprehending German in small groups by fully trained teachers and great support materials.


Deutsches Sprachdiplom

We are proudly one of only 3 schools in Australia offering the Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) running lessons on Tuesdays afternoons.

Parents Initiative

Non for Profit Organisation

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Who we are

Deutschstunde has operated since 2009 and offers German lessons for children from pre-school to highschool.  Deutschstunde offers as one of only three schools in Australia the DSD exam of the “Deutschen Kultusministerkonferenz“ for teenagers and young adults. Our classes run Mondays and Tuesdays after school. Deutschstunde was started as a parent education initiative and is named after the novel by Siegfried Lenz ”Die Deutschstunde“.

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Even though are teachers are paid professionals, we rely on volunteers to keep the show running!
You can contribute with ideas, skills, a helping hand or your time!

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What parents and kids are saying about Deutschstunde

testimonial author
I am so happy to have found Deutschstunde. I am amazed how effective these lessons are. It's great my son is in a class perfect to his skill level. He enjoys the interactive nature of the tasks given.
M. A.
testimonial author
It's fun to see my German friends every Monday. We play together and it's fun to do the team challenges. Oh yes the classes - I also like my teacher, she is funny! Homework is more fun than the one I get from school.
H. C.

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