When and what time are the classes?

Classes are held during the NSW school term. 

Our Face-to-Face classes are on Monday (mainly primary school aged student) and Tuesday afternoons (mainly advanced high school students), between 4-7.30pm.

Our online classes are on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons, depending on the student’s year at school and their German level. 

If you would like to find out the exact times, please send an email to hallo@deutschstunde.com.au and advise your child’s year at school and their German level (understanding / speaking / writing / reading).

Where are the classes?

The Face-to-Face classes are in Croydon, NSW

How long are the classes?

Face-to-Face classes are 1 hour long with the teacher, plus an additional 1 hour in our Learning Group. DSD classes are 90 minutes.

Online classes are 40-55mins via Zoom, plus additional work on Google Classroom.

What are the costs per lesson?

Level class1st childSibling
Pre-Kindy – Year 4 and
A1 level high school classes (1 hr)
Online Pre-Kindy – Year 1 (45 min)$26.00$23.00
Year 5-7 and
A2 level high school classes (1 hr)
DSD classes (1.5 hrs)$45.00$37.50

All primary school students in Croydon are invited to participate in our Deutschstunde learning group for free.
Deutschstunde charges an enrolment fee for first time enrolment of $20.00.
All Deutschstunde classes are payable per term.
Deutschstunde is a Service NSW Creative Kids Provider.

How do I pay for the lessons?

Deutschstunde will invoice you once per term for term fees and any books that the children receive in the classroom.

How do I enrol my children?

Please fill in the Deutschstunde Enrolment form on this website.

How do I know what class is best for my child?

Our principal will talk to you and possibly your child to determine their level of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. Your child will then be placed in a class best suited to their age and skill level.